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Danielle DiStefano

Educational Classes

Danielle is pleased to announce her very popular class series, Singing it Forward. Currently there are five classes formats available: “The Olympics of Singing,” “The Science of Song,” “The Secret Life of Music,” “Give My Regards to Broadway,” and “Unsung Songstresses,” each touching on music history, science, language, and critical thinking skills.

“The Science of Song” briefly touches upon the history of music from the first musical instrument 42,000 years ago, as well as an insider’s look behind centuries-old traditions and singing techniques. Watch a woman move sand with Mozart, listen to the music of plants and trees, and see how spoken words and intentions can even change water molecules in this presentation of slides, multi-media clips, live singing, interactive activities, and demonstrations of rudimentary operatic technique.

 “The Olympics of Singing” discusses the progression of opera history over the centuries, as well as important elements of theatre, such as setting, plot, and characterization. Ever wonder how an opera singer is heard in the back of the 3,000 seat opera house? You’ll learn it here. Discover the difference between a contralto and a coloratura, learn how opera shaped nations and brought down kings, and watch an opera house travel 2500 years back in time in two minutes.

Using slide presentations, multi-media clips, live demonstrations, interactive activities and demonstrations of rudimentary singing technique, “The Olympics of Singing” offers enjoyable and enlightening entertainment.

Experience history like never before with “The Secret Life of Music,” a class examining how music forever changed Western history. Did you know Charlemagne used a hymn book to unite an empire that stretched from the Russian steppes to the Pyrenees Mountains? Listen to the opera chorus that fueled a revolution and created a country.

Discover what invention supersized orchestras, how concerts made the middle class as powerful as the royal courts, and witness 2,500 years in an hour during this presentation of slides, multi-media clips, live singing, and interactive activities.

Musical Theater is as American as pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving, but did you know it was the British that first brought popular music to the stage in 1727?

“Give My Regards to Broadway” goes beyond the typical Rodgers and Hammerstein and explores the vibrant, homegrown history of the beloved global phenomenon. Meet the first African American theater troupe, listen to the operetta aria that shaped musical theater forever, learn how history informed the stage, and explore over a century of music in this fun, lighthearted presentation of slides, multi-media clips, and live singing.

“Unsung Songstresses” explores women’s contributions and roles in music. Meet the first musicians ever to write their names to their music, the first female “rock star” of the Ancient World, learn how Mozart’s sister taught her little brother to write music, and listen to a 1,200-year-old hymn written by an abbess who almost became empress of one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen. Sing an Ancient Greek scale used to inspire courage, watch Vivaldi’s music the way he envisioned it, performed in the origional venue: complete with female baritones and tenors in this presentation of slides, multi-media clips, live singing, interactive activities, and demonstrations of rudimentary operatic technique.